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Western Canada is Winning!

Todd Hirsch, of the Calgary Herald, recently published an article, “Economic Shift to the West Gaining Momentum,” in which he identified ten reasons why Western Canada is slowly becoming the economic centre of Canada. Here is a summary of his reasons why 2011 could be a great year for the citizens and investors in Western Canada.

10. Provincial Debt – The Western Provinces are doing much better than Central Canada in controlling their spending. Saskatchewan is actually running a surplus. Controllable debt means a healthier market.

9. Agriculture – Moisture conditions look good for crops such as wheat, barley and canola. These are three of the biggest agricultural exports in the West.

8. Diversified Exports – More products are going overseas rather than to our American cousin. This means that we are less reliant on one consumer. Always a benefit.

7. Dollar on the Rise – Works well with the diversification mentioned above.

6. Fort Mac – An environmental stumbling block, but a massive revenue creator for Alberta.

5. Conventional Oil Drilling – There are other means for removing the black gold beneath Alberta’s surface.

4. Other Resources – Western Canada is rich in forestry, potash and base metals.

3. Job Numbers Increasing – Lower unemployment than the East.

2. City Growth – Saskatoon is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country followed by Vancouver and Regina.

1. All of the Above – The perfect recipe for investing in the West.

Success in the West

Paying For Post-Secondary Education

How important is your children’s post-secondary education? Silly question.

But how will they pay for their University? Do you have a plan in place? Have you set aside the funds they will need?

If you haven’t, don’t panic. It’s never too late to start.

Alpine Mortgage wants to make it easy for you. If you have a home and have been diligently paying your mortgage payments, you are eligible for a second mortgage based on your home equity.

With the loan, you can put the money aside that your kids will eventually use to pay their tuition. Talk to your financial advisor about investing the capital in a low risk plan so that the fund has a chance to grow.

The earlier you start the better. Even if your first child is still in the womb, it’s a good idea to start the process now. You’ll never know what Ivy League school they will be accepted to until the letter comes. So plan big.

Apply for your loan today and invest in the future of your family. Your kids will thank you.

Your Children's Future

Home Renovation Contest

Alpine Mortgage is now accepting submissions for its Home Renovation Contest. In or outside, we want to see your handiwork. From the bathroom to the back deck, this is your chance to show off.

If successful, your family will receive a cheque for $200. You will also have your pictures and story posted on our blog.

Our judges will grade each submission on the overall visible handiwork, financial improvement to your home and material creativity; your unique use of building supplies.

If possible, send us before and after shots. Include a brief write up detailing the work you did and your method of finance. Bonus marks go to applicants whose neighbours can vouch for their superior handiwork. (Ask Bob and Nancy from across the street to comment on your submission.) Bonus-bonus marks if you can include your witness and your own family in the photo.

You have till the end of the month to get your home reno photos posted to our Facebook wall. We will announce the winners on our blog in the first week of March.

Good luck!

Show Off Your Handiwork

The Reasons Are Not Important

You lost your job when the plant that supported your town shut down.

You took an extended vacation and forgot to mange some of your larger bill payments.

You just finalized an ugly divorce settlement and your lawyers have bled you dry.

Your home renovations ended up costing far more than you thought.

You had a serious shopping problem, but with the help of a counselor, you are finally able to withstand the gravitational pull of Robson Street.

You thought Y2K was far more serious and eleven years later, you are still behind on your backyard bunker payments.

Bernard Maddoff was your investment broker.

Whatever the reason for your poor credit rating, Alpine Credits can lend you money to pay off your debts and start from scratch. With a home equity loan, your credit approval is based on your ability to repay your own mortgage. If you have been successful in maintaining your payments, Alpine Credits will let you borrow against the amount you have already paid into your first mortgage. Visit our website for all the details.

Get back on track, with a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. Leave Bernie’s advice behind.

A Face You Can Trust

Salary Comparison

Want a shocking statistic?

By 2:30 on Monday morning some of the top CEOs in the country had made more money than the average Canadian will make in a year. Fact!

Think about that. You hadn’t even finished your first day back at the job and already these chief executives had grossed more than your yearly salary. Chances are they probably skipped lunch and worked Christmas and New Years, but at the end of the day, their earnings are more than 155 times what the average Canadian pulls in.

What are they doing that you’re not? We can guarantee they are not doing more physically demanding work. They are just being smarter with the time and resources at their command.

The top five CEOs were:

1. Aaron Regent – Barrick Gold Corp

2. Hunter Harrison – Canadian National Railway Co. (bit of a surprise there…)

3. Gerald Schwartz – Onex Corp.

4. Edmund Clark – Toronto Dominion Bank

5. Nadir Mohamed -Rogers Communications Inc.

But who is to say you don’t belong in that top tier. Are you lacking the education? Do you need start-up resources? Is it all who you know?

Interesting questions. The latter we can’t help you with but the two former points can be attained through a second mortgage. By using you home as equity, you can acquire the resources you need to educate yourself and fund your own private empire. Impress the right people and one of these top jobs could be yours.

Golden Boy; Aaron Regent (Center)

These scary statistics were provided by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Stress Release

Stress is the unseen force endlessly tugging at our lives. It ruins our free time, distracts us from our work and threatens our relationships. It encourages us to indulge in stimulants and decreases our appreciation of the ‘natural.’ It is the anchor, the ball and chain, the cage that imprisons us.

But we pander to it. We fuel it by over spending and overreaching our means. When we buy on credit, the countdown starts until the bill arrives. Even if the money is there to pay it, we still feel the cold sensation of increased debt when we read the tally at the bottom of our invoice.

What if you could pay off all your creditors at once? Imagine that feeling. The release.

Well that is exactly what you can do when you apply for a second mortgage. With your house as home equity, Alpine Mortgage will lend you the funds needed to pay off your many creditors.

The result: one bill. Not seven different pieces of mail each month. That may seem like a small detail, but it is not. With one figure to monitor, your stress will be seriously reduced. We guarantee it.

Talk to us today about applying for a second mortgage and feel the weight float away.

Pay Them Off and Feel the Weight Lift

Things Are Looking Up

The results of a poll, conducted for Postmedia News and Global TV, indicated that 32 per cent of Canadians thought that the BP oil disaster was the number one news story of 2010. Second on the list was the earthquake in Haiti, with 20 per cent.

These two events were linked in their devastation of both natural and constructed environments. They spoke to the inability of science to predict or maintain the terrible consequences of a disaster on a mammoth scale.

The Gulf spill lasted for 154 days and the clean up is far from over.

In Haiti too, the relief efforts are still continuing.

If we look from these disasters to our own lives, it seems that some of our personal problems are not always as devastating as we paint them. This is a wake-up call. While our personal problems may not go away on their own, they certainly don’t compare to an unchecked oil spill.

Sometimes a simple loan can get us out from our rock.

Paying off our creditors can be easy with a second mortgage. Alpine credits can help you by using your home as equity.

Don’t let your finances consume your thoughts. Save your emotions for the events that deserve them. Like the third story on the list, a story of hope, resilience and human ingenuity: The Chilean Miners.

Things Are Looking Up

Remembering John Leslie

This week, Calgary mourns the death of one of the city’s great mayors, John Leslie. Leslie served as mayor from 1965 to 1969. He died on Monday at the age of 90.

Although Leslie was only in the mayor office for four years, his decisions still affect us today.

Leslie will be remembered most for his determination to keep development away from the Bow River, in Calgary’s downtown core. The mayor believed that the city needed green spaces inside its boundaries, to offer Calgarians areas of natural refuge. He was adamant that over development would lead to a weaker urban economy.

Leslie oversaw the establishment of Prince Island, Nose Hill and Confederation Park. He had a vision of what Calgary could look like with protected environments. His legislation ensured this vision would become reality.

Calgarians owe their daily walks to this man. Without him, your dog walking escapades would take you through mini-mall after mini-mall. Because of him, you can enjoy endless trails along the Bow.

Alpine Mortgage would like to thank John Leslie for his commitment to a greener Calgary. We would also like to extend our thoughts and prayers to Leslie’s family and friends.

John Leslie 1920-2010

Feel Free to Bail – Before You Sink!

Bailouts: Massive cheques written to large corporations who struggled during the recession.

General Motors was kept afloat by money from the American and Canadian governments. But didn’t we suffer during the recession? Thousands of us lost our savings as investment stocks plummeted.

The argument: GM supports whole communities with their manufacturing plants. Cities like Oshawa would become a ghost town without GM. They needed the money to keep those communities alive.

The Rebuttal: What about the families that are supported by one wage earner? Don’t they deserve the same protection offered to the corporations? Don’t they deserve to be looked after?

It seems we don’t.

So what do we do?

Well, if you made it through the recession with a home, your options are looking up. A second mortgage is a great way to get back on your feet and invest in your future. By using your home as equity, a second mortgage can provide you with the funds to rebuild, physically and metaphorically. Improve the worth of your house, invest in a new business, put your daughter through college; these are all viable options for improvement.

The government is not going to give you a bailout like it did GM. You’re going to have to hustle for it. Start with a second mortgage and get back in the game.

The GM Plant in Oshawa, Ontario

Emergency Cash

Why might you need to apply for a second mortgage?

It’s not that enjoyable to think about, but there are those few rare occasions where an unexpected emergency requires you to come up with a large amount of money in a quick amount of time.

Here are a few examples of what we are referring to:

1. Medical Emergency

Your daughter neglected to purchase travel insurance for her weekend trip to Vegas. She called to tell you she had fallen down a set of stairs while trying to balance on her two-inch heels. Her left leg needs serious work.

2. Your roof has sprung a leak

It’s a week before Christmas, the relatives are coming and there are three strategically placed buckets in the living room collecting rainwater.

3. Your mother passes away

It’s horrible to even consider, but funerals are a costly business.

4. Your cat got in a fight with a raccoon.

All jokes aside, vet bills can be ludicrously large.

5. You work truck packs it in.

Your Chevy, of ten years, finally gives up on the Upper Levels Highway. There is no getting around it. You’ll need a new truck.

Even Chevys Pack It In

If a situation similar to these arises in your own life, call Alpine Mortgage first. Fill out the online application and be approved for a second mortgage in less than a week.

Emergency Cash (continued…)

Emergency Cash Continued…

And then there are those other times, the times when you would gladly spend the money if you only had it.

Here are a few examples:

1. Your son is invited to attend a youth conference in Italy

After winning a citywide contest on Green Initiatives, your sixteen year old is offered a chance to take part in a global Eco-Leadership convention. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, neither the school nor the contest is able to pay for his flight there and back.

2. You receive a letter from a distant family member in India.

It has been two generations since your family immigrated. They are planning a reunion of the Banerjee family. You’ve never visited your ancestral homeland.

3. Your partner at the firm is relinquishing his season tickets. The Flames are low this year, but they’re bound to turn it around.

4. Your brother asks you to come in on a local company that he has been investing in for years. They plan to launch their product at the end of January. Their technology will change alarm technology the world over.

5. Your wife decides it’s time to redo the kitchen.

She Went With Red

Spend money when YOU think it needs to be spent. Secure capital with a second mortgage through Alpine Mortgage.

Losing Interest

We’ve talked about it before, but we think it’s worth a second look. And this time we’re not sugarcoating it.

Avoid The Trap

Credit card interest is out of control. If you are paying interest on more than one card, it would be to your best benefit to apply for a second mortgage. With the help of Alpine Mortgage, you can pay off all your creditors in one shot and start fresh. You will make one easy payment each month. You won’t have to worry about being penalized for missing a payment on a random card you forgot about. Best of all, your interest rate will be considerably lower.

It will also be easier to track your funds. With one payment to make, you will know exactly what will be coming out of your account. It will also be easier to budget and plan for the future.

There will be no more “Important: Open Now” letters coming through the mail slot. Your stress will go down and you will renew your partner’s financial confidence in your ability to manage your funds.

You will also begin a slow but necessary ascent towards a positive credit rating.

So start your climb towards financial integrity.

Apply for a second mortgage.

Sink or Swim. You Decide.

What does the world owe you… Nothing!

You were born into a society that swaddled you, wiped your backside and taught you the basics for free.

Don’t turn to the man now and ask for a handout. There are no free meals, no one is going to hold your hand for the rest of your life and you probably won’t drive a $70,000 dollar sports car.

But you do own a house that you make payments on every month. (If you’re looking for a cookie, try searching between the seats of your family sedan.)

That payment represents equity that you can borrow against. It’s money the banks are using to get richer. Claim it back. Build on it.

It takes money to make money. Procure all the funds you can and make smart investments.

This isn’t Sweden. If it were, we would all be prancing around a pole, drinking schnapps, while singing the praises of socialism.

Oh Sweden...

Wake up and smell the burning meatballs.

Put your money to work for YOU, not the banks.

Take out a second mortgage through Alpine Mortgage and receive capital back based on the rising value of your property.

Embrace capitalism. Build your empire. Start today.

Scare Tactics

The truth about the human race: We’re all scared.

We’re scared of killer bees.

We’re scared of running with scissors.

We’re scared of cats of a certain colour.

We’re scared of our government knowing too much.

We’re scared that a small dictator that can barely keep his own country together will give the command to nuke the Western World. (Ok, that is very real and scary)

We’re scared of failure, rejection, abandonment and over gratification.

We’re scared of exiting Word when it asks if we want to save any changes to our ten-page technical report that we didn’t make any changes to.

We’re scared of commitment.

We’re scared of God.

We’re scared of clowns. CLOWNS! The one profession whose sole purpose is to make us laugh.

But the thing that scares us most is dying poor and penniless. Why do you think The Wealthy Barber, Rich Dad / Poor Dad and 9 Steps To Financial Freedom are so popular? People need to feel secure that when they reach a certain age, they can leave their jobs and live a comfortable life.

Setup your retirement by investing right now. Find the money you need to begin this process by applying for a second mortgage.

Let Alpine Credits and put your fears behind you.

Savings and Loan

Saving money is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. (Some might say it’s harder than quitting smoking.) You have to ignore the temptation to spend your hard earned pay on goods and services that can give you instant satisfaction.

That’s tough, because with this weather, a Hawaiian vacation sure would be a refreshing change.

But we’re taught to save and save.

‘Save for a rainy day,’ ‘a penny saved is a penny earned,’ ’saving money is just as important as earning money,’ are all phrases that get repeated over and over again until our subconscious instantly recalls them each time we receive a cheque.

This Just In: "It's Raining."

When we do spend our money on ourselves, the guilt hits us immediately.

We’re trapped and in the end, most of us lead guilty lives where we spend most of what we earn.

Our savings grow. But slowly. Very slowly….

What if you were told that you had a large stash of money put aside already? What if we told you this money could be used for any purpose you wish. You could invest it, spend it on yourself or spend it on your family. Would that make you feel guilty?

By paying your mortgage off each month, you’ve created your own savings account. You’ve invested in the potential sale of your home.

If you are happy where you live, but need to dip into that savings account, fill out an application on the Alpine Mortgage website. You could easily have $10,000 in your pocket by next Monday.

Saving is hard, but you’ve been doing it for years.

Talk to Alpine Mortgage about making a withdrawal.

It’s Your Money To Use

You bought your house in 1995 for just under $200, 000.

Three kids and 184 mortgage payments later, you are less than five years from owning it outright.

You still love the area, the design and the neighbours around you.

That’s rare, but what it means, is that you have no intention of selling.

Your house that you paid $200,000 for is now worth $800,000 – a pretty impressive investment. But since you don’t want to move, you can’t take advantage of its potential.

Wrong. You can.

Alpine Mortgage can lend you money using the home equity you created by paying 3/4’s of your original mortgage plan.

You can take that money, invest it, and have it working for you by the end of the year.

Fill out the application on line to see the maximum amount of capital we can lend you. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

So don’t sit around idly and let the banks play with your investment. Make your home work for YOU.

Apply for a second mortgage today and plan for an early retirement.

You're Not Made of Money, But Your House Is

Paying Back Your Parents

They bought you your first bike and taught you how to ride it. They paid for your University education and were there at your graduation. They co-signed your mortgage and saw the birth of your first child.

Now, your parents have come to you for help.

At 85 and 81, your Father and Mother have decided to move into a care facility. Your Father’s mind is ticking along fine, but sadly, your Mother is experiencing bouts of dementia and the stress is wearing on them both.

For months they have been researching facilities and they have finally decided on Chateau Renoir, in Southwest Calgary.

The facility provides three meals a day, housekeeping staff, transportation, full kitchenettes and a diverse schedule of programmed activities.

It looks amazing…for a retirement home.

But your Father has finally admitted that the family wealth is all but gone. After some poor investments, your parents are close to bankruptcy. They would like to live out there remaining years comfortably and to do this they came to you.

With little funds available at your reach, you talked to the banks about a loan. Unfortunately they turned down your request.

Then you approached Alpine Mortgage. The Alberta lending company specializes in home equity loans. They examined your mortgage details and concluded that you were entitled to a loan of more than $75,000.

That money along with your brothers, will take your parents through the first few years.

It’s the least you could do to pay back the two people that have helped you through almost every obstacle you ever faced.

“Thanks Mom and Dad.”

Let There Be Light

Everyone has a dream. A dream that captivates their waking moments and haunts their subconscious hours asleep. A dream that always seems just beyond natural reach. A dream, so vivid, that it has crystallized in your mind.

That dream, your dream, is creating the Xandu of light displays.

Some have called it foolish, others have said it could never be done, but something inside you says it can. The only thing holding you back, capital.

The amount of lights needed to create your magnum opus: 14,255. That’s how well you’ve planned it out.

You know the colours, the wrapping, the chicken wire moulds, the plastic reindeer manufacturer in New Jersey, the external generator, you have all the figures but none of the funds.

Last year you approached the bank about a loan. After avoiding the question for more than ten minutes, you finally told them the money was for a light display. As you walked away rejected, you could see the financial analyst laughing with the bank manager.

Screw them. It’s your dream. It’s your work of illuminated art.

But a dream left unfulfilled is just a dream.

Time to make it a reality.

Apply for a second mortgage through Alpine Mortgage and ensure your immortality as the ‘King of Christmas.’

We have your back, now reach for the stars and nail them to the roof.

Good luck.

You'll Need A Little Extra Cash For The Electric Bill

The Moment You Knew

You’d been hearing it from all sides. Your friends wouldn’t shut up about it, your girlfriend’s parent’s persistence was relentless and your boss thought it was a good idea for your future as a key player in the company.

Talk about pressure!

But this last weekend, when your car got stuck in the snow, she came to your rescue and something changed.

It was one in the morning. You had been at your brother’s house playing poker. On your way home you got stuck fifteen blocks from your front door. You called her to tell her you’d be late and that you were calling a tow truck. Half asleep, she told you not to bother; she’d be there in 10 minutes with her truck.

Fifteen minutes later she showed up, still in her pajamas, with a parka overtop, carrying a thermos of hot chocolate and a tow chain.

If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

As you attached the hook to your front bumper and gave her the thumbs up to reverse, you realized… this is the one.

When you got back that night, she was having trouble getting her boots off. You offered to help. You got down on one knee, pulled the boot off, looked up and said the words you never thought would leave your mouth.

Barefoot, but still bundled, she replied ‘yes’.

With no money in your savings, you approached the bank for a small loan. You explained that it was for something glittery. They hesitated, then responded ‘no’.

After three other financial institutions, you approached Alpine Mortgage. The next day you were approved for a $10,000 dollar loan.

A week later, when you went over for Sunday night dinner at her parents, she was wearing the ring.

One Ring To Rule Them All...

Mosaic of Debt

Let’s spend a few minutes and talk about your debt situation.

I want you to pull out all your credit statements from your drawer. Spread them out on the kitchen table. A mosaic of debt.

Now, I want you to grab a calculator, a pen and a pad of paper. Got it?


Now start with your Visa statement. On the pad, write the amount of interest you paid last month. Then go through all the other bills and do the same. Include your phone bill, cause lets be honest, that hasn’t been at zero for months. And don’t forget your car payment.


Now add it up?

Mosaic of Debt

Take a look at that number. Ridiculous. That is money, paid to a third party, which you will never see again. That money is not paying off your principal. It is not enriching your life in anyway. It is going straight to the pockets of your creditors.

Want to rid yourself of that tally? Of course you do.

Good thing you’ve been so diligent with your mortgage payments.

Alpine Mortgage will grant you a second mortgage to pay off all your creditors in one fell swoop. You could rid yourself of that entire interest column. Gone!

Apply online today.

Do it now!

Winter Sports

This is the year. The year you finally learn how to snowboard.

You have been talking about it for ages with yours friends. They all took up the sport about five years ago. After seeing their photos on Facebook, from last season, you knew you had to give it a shot.

It doesn’t make sense to live so close to the Rockies and not take advantage of the beautiful mountains.

For the first time in years, you will have the weekends fully available for extracurricular activities. Your small business is finally starting to turn a profit and your staff is now capable of handling the weekend orders on their own.

There is no excuse.

Sunshine Ski Resort

So you looked into the costs and made a small budget:

Sunshine Village Season’s Pass – $357

Fuel to and from the hill – $200 (roughly)

Burton Snowboard – $599

Union Bindings – $249

Foursquare Jacket – $229

WestBeach Pants – $200

Gloves – $68

Goggles – $95

Total: 1,997

Ouch. That amount of money is not really available to you.

So, you thought about applying for a loan, but remembered the small credit issue you had a few years back. So you went in a different direction.

You talked to Alpine Mortgage about taking out a second mortgage on your home.

Because you had built up equity, in your monthly payments, Alpine Credits lent you $10,000 almost instantly.

You decided to spend five on the snowboard season and five on your business.

Now your business is running smoother and your weekends are booked till April.

See you on the slopes!


Three years ago you bought a new/old home in the Garneau neigbourhood. It’s a beautiful bungalow that you hope to refurbish and sell in the next five years.

Since you moved in, you’ve spent all your money on kitchen and bathroom renovations. You’ve worked weekends, nights and holidays to do the work yourself and the fruits of your labour are finally starting to show.

But it has also been three cold winters and your heating bills have been ridiculous. Now with winter officially here, you are regretting the fact you didn’t spend your money on replacing the existing windows with thermal glass

Thermal Glass Windows

It’s not too late.

Get the work done now by trained professionals and feel the difference the very next day.

If money is a concern, there are ways to finance your new project. Alpine Mortgage can lend you the money immediately.

The amount it will cost you for a simple second mortgage payment will be easily made up by the money you save in energy bills. You will also be eligible for a federal green initiative tax credit if you install the windows by December 31st of this year.

It’s a no-brainer. Get the work done now. Save in the years ahead.

Apply for a second mortgage with Alpine Credits.

Paradise Found

Tell us how this sounds: An all-inclusive trip to Jamaica.

Leave the snow and below zero temperatures behind. Pack light: a pair of board shorts, flip flops, a tank top and your liver.

With four pools, six restaurants and another six bars, Breezes Trelawny is a paradise resort like none other.

Lounge on the beach, shop at the local markets and take in some of the local culture.

Stay active with the many watersports offered and try your reach at the rock climbing wall.

The resort even has a simulated ice-skating rink to erase any thoughts of homesickness.

Island Breeze

Island Breeze

Now the price…

Through Expedia.ca it is $2085 for seven nights accommodation and airfare from Edmonton.

We sure you will be bringing your significant other, so that brings the total up to $4,170. You will probably need to bring a little bit of shopping money as well. And maybe a little change for the golf course.

So let’s go with the round number of $5,000. $5,000 for a ticket to paradise.

Short on funds? Own a home?

Alpine Mortgage would be happy to fund your travel plans.

Visit us online to fill out a quick hassle-free application.

Make sure to email us a beach photo when you get back. Jealous….

Second Time Around

After ten years of marriage, and another eight being single, you finally met the man you should have married years ago.

Now in your 40s, you are looking to tie the knot a second time; this one won’t be a slipknot.

Since your first nuptial ceremony was a quick visit to the justice of peace, you’ve decided to go all out for your second wedding.

With a date booked at the Douglasdale, Eaglequest Golf Club, you and your beaux have planned for a guest list of 120 friends and family members.

Round Two

But the bills are starting to arrive and you’re worried you can’t afford the lavish celebration you have planned.

Fear not.

With a second mortgage from Alpine Credits, you can afford to host the party of your dreams. If you own a home, Alpine Credits can lend you $10,000 almost instantly. You will have an easily affordable payment of $98 a month, about as much as your cable bill.

Get it right the second time around. Let Alpine Credits help you fund a day you will always remember.

Second Mortgage in Edmonton

Every professional sports team has a minor league farm team. The Oilers’ have the ever-transient Oklahoma City Barons.

By definition, a farm team is a place where young talent can develop and mature. The players take part in an active league to gain time playing in a professional environment at a pace and skill level close to the level experienced in the majors.

For the Oilers, the Oklahoma affiliate serves as a reserve of players that can be called up for active duty in the case of injury.

The Barons are a necessary tool for improving and maintaining the Oilers competitive edge.

Farm Aid

Farm Aid

In your personal life, your home is like your farm team. You have been investing in your future for years now by putting money towards your mortgage.

That money represents equity that you can borrow against. Alpine Credits will lend you funds based on the amount of money you have diligently paid.

This exchange is called a second mortgage.

If you think this is your year to make a deep run in the playoffs, use your home to improve your chance of success.

Talk to Alpine Credits about applying for a second mortgage.

Second Mortgage in Calgary

Your Calgary business needs a facelift to stay competitive.  You’ve looked into a re-branding package by a Vancouver advertising firm. They have promised to provide your company with a complete makeover, the kind that can take a six and change it into a ten. The kind that can make Plain Jane look like Jessica Alba.

Exhibit A: Apple Computers

With a new website, logo, slogan and radio jingle, your company will be on the minds of your clients and the radar of the public eye. With more attention on the Internet and in the media, you will finally be able to compete with the larger companies around the city.

You approached the bank to apply for a loan to fund the project, but were denied due to your less than stellar credit rating.

Don’t be discouraged. If you own a home, Alpine Mortgage can set you up with a second mortgage to borrow against the money you have already paid into your first investment. Don’t let the banks dictate the future of your business.

Alpine Mortgage wants to see your company rise to the occasion.

Start fresh, re-brand and come out swinging.

Invest in Your Franchise With a Home Equity Loan

Hockey fans around the country uttered the same phrase last July when Darryl Sutter announced he had resigned Olli Jokinen: “Why….?”

It was a bit of a mystery.

Sutter had traded Jokinen to the Rangers halfway through the 09/10 season for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik. It seemed like the Finn was being thrown away for table scraps.

Then, with an about face, Sutter shocked everyone this summer. On the first day of free agency, he resigned Ollie for two years at six million.

It’s too early to tell if the gamble will pay off, but Jokinen has already logged three assists in eight games. Hopefully the goals will come soon.

Darryl Sutter - Calgary Flames General Manager

Sutter’s move, though it may have seemed puzzling at first, may still prove to be a wise one.

Whatever the case, the dice roll needed a financial window and fortunately, Sutter had left room under the cap for just such a deal.

If you think you have what it takes to gamble on the future, but are lacking the supporting resources, Alpine Mortgage can help.

If you currently own your home, Alpine Mortgage can lend you money based on the capital you have already put towards paying your mortgage off.

We don’t need to know the details of your blockbuster trade, we just need to know the financial worth of your team.

Call us today and start building your own cup contender.

Use Your Calgary Home For an Equity Loan

Five years ago you were making money hand over fist. Your friends and family were in awe. You had no financial worries at all.

The reason: it was 2005, the oil industry was booming and you were finding it hard to spend all the money that was coming in.

The black gold paid for new vehicles for you and your wife. It bought that trip to Australia. It let you setup college funds for all three of your children. And, most importantly, it let you buy, not one, but two properties in the Calgary area.

At Home in Calgary

But the job was taxing to the family life and when your marriage started to sour you gave your notice and moved back permanently to Cowtown.

With your family’s happiness restored, you tried and failed to find work in the city. The smiling faces at home were priceless, but keeping the standard of living at the level you were accustomed to began to be a challenge. Your skills that were so lucrative in Fort Mac, were now useless in the big city.

That’s when the idea came to you to start a Calgary consulting firm. You could pass along your knowledge of the field to new and growing oil development companies. By hiring handpicked employees, you could assign consultants to projects all over the Province. By being the central hub, you could run the company from Calgary and maintain the family bonds that you worked so hard to build.

But every good plan comes with at least one structural obstacle; yours, financing.

Five years without work seriously depleted your savings. You talked to the back about a loan, but were denied when they heard about your employment situation.

Then you contacted some family members. It seems things were tough all over.

Around this time a friend told you about Alpine Mortgage and their incredible home equity loans.

Alpine Mortgage didn’t worry about your current situation. As soon as they heard you had two properties in the Calgary area, they instantly approved you for a loan to start your consulting group.

Today, your business is expanding exponentially. You have a staff of twenty and a client book that reads like a phonebook instead of a post-it-note. And, best of all, everyday at five o’clock you can return home to your wife and kids.

Home equity translates into financial opportunity. Find out more today: www.alpinemortgage.ca.

What’s Now

Gone are the good ol’ days when the money was flowing and the jobs were aplenty. When the houses were selling like hotcakes and businesses were booming. When people were spending and the kids were playing.

Ok fine, so the kids are still playing…but the adults sure aren’t. The recession is still in full swing, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. As a result you’ve had to cut back on all the luxuries in life, like much-needed vacations, new cars (more of a necessity, considering your ’98 Camry), fancy dinners, and retail therapy.

In more serious cases, you’ve had to put your new business on hold, forgo home renovations, or even default on your debt.

At Alpine Mortgage, we don’t think it’s fair that you should have to give up so much, especially if you still own your home! After all, years of diligently paying your mortgage should count for something. So give us a call, get a home equity loan, and play a little, already. You deserve it.

A Nation of Workaholics

We all work hard. And if you didn’t before, the economic meltdown surely has you working your butt off just to avoid that dreaded pink slip. But more than that, we all want to live the good life – one in which we can drive the fast car, dine in fancy restaurants, and jet set to the exotic destinations. So if you put in that extra hour at work, you want to be one step closer to that life.

But back to the recession. Nowadays, being the first to leave work is frowned upon, and working weekends has become the norm. The Blackberry you’re reading this on? Your work’s admission pass into every aspect of your life.

At Alpine Mortgage, we’re all for working hard to get what you want. But sometimes, when it comes to things you need like, say, a loan to pay off debt, or to renovate your house that’s on the market, or to pay for your family’s vehicle, you need money and you need it fast. When it comes down to that, we’re more than happy to help you, even if banks won’t because of your bad credit. After all, as long as you own your home, we’ll give you a loan.

Untapped Wealth

You have already been to the bank. You’ve been to many of them, actually, you’ve met with many different employees, and you’ve analyzed a huge variety of loan options and policies. But for some reason, despite the fact that you own a home, the only answer you were able to elicit out of them was a big, fat ‘NO’.

And you have even thought about getting a payday loan, and maybe even opening up a new credit card account. But with exorbitant interest rates at upwards of 20%, it just didn’t seem to make sense. And with your low credit score, the credit card rates weren’t much better.

We’ve got good news. What you may not know is that owning a home automatically entitles you to hundreds of thousands of dollars. How? Well, remember all those mortgage payments you made over the years? All those mortgage payments accumulated equity for your home, a large sum of money that you can have access to when you get a home equity loan. So give us a call or fill out a simple form and we’ll guide you through the entire process. And start saying NO to ‘NO’.

Real Estate Blues

When the real estate market booms, it’s good sense to put your house on the market and cash in on the seller’s market and the high value of your home. But when the market plummets, the thought of selling your house is enough to make you want to pull your hair out, especially if you’re in a financial rut.

At Alpine Mortgage, we understand how it feels to be subjected to the whims of a volatile real estate market. And we want to make sure that when you’re hard up for money, you won’t be pressured to sell your home in a down market. So when you find yourself struggling to pay the bills and to manage your debt, consider getting a home equity loan. After all, you’ve spent years paying your mortgage and building up your home’s equity. It’s only fair that you should get to tap into it – whether it be for that much-needed vacation, renovating your home, or just consolidating your debt.

Hello, Summer

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yup, it's summer alright

Nothing says summer more than padding along your newly landscaped, dewy lawn and feeling the grass between your toes; sipping on an icy glass of honey-sweetened tea from the shady refuge of your brand new back porch; and tanning on an inner tube floating in your newly installed backyard pool.

Make over your backyard so that you can welcome these simple summer pleasures.  You’ve worked hard all year to make mortgage payments, real estate taxes, and utility bills – it’s the least you deserve for owning your home.  If you need a home equity loan, call Alpine Mortgage today. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, no credit – you deserve to enjoy summer.

What’s in Your City?

kids surf while moms shop

It can be so hard, living in a city like Edmonton that contains North America’s largest urban park, biggest shopping mall, and lowest urban density. I mean, what’s to love about miles of lush greenery, amazing shopping and entertainment, and an uncrowded metropolitan environment?

It can be so hard, owning a home in Edmonton, and trying to get a home equity loan from Alpine Mortgage. I mean, what’s to love about a company that makes it so easy for anyone to get a home equity loan, who doesn’t care about whether you have bad credit or no credit, who will help you start up your business and renovate your home, and who will help you consolidate your debt?

Nature’s Playground

There’s nothing like play time in Alberta’s natural playground.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Wild Rose Country, the only thing between you and exploring the winding trails of Banff, snowmobiling across the snow-dunes of Cold Lake, or hiking through the magnificent boreal forests is your front door.

If you’re one of the lucky few to own a home in Alberta – why, that’s just as good as marking your territory on nature’s favorite playground.

However, there is no point in living in paradise if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. You’ve spent years pouring money into your home, and now, it’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work. You can get that money back, in the form of home equity loan, through Alpine Mortgage today. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, no credit, or even if you used to live in BC, if you own your home, we’ll lend you the money. Simple.

Sure beats my bicycle